Visiting the Chapel

IMG_0027The Airport Chapel provides a space for quiet reflection away from the constant activity that is the norm for this very busy airport.  The Chapel is open every day from 5:00 a.m. to midnight.  Both travelers and those working at the airport – anyone in need of a few moments of calm are welcomed and encouraged to visit.

For deeper reflection and prayer, the Chapel offers holy books for Christians, Muslims and Jews. There is a kneeler, small altar, and one corner is filled with prayer rugs and a compass to direct Muslims toward Mecca.

Directions to the Airport Chapel:

The Airport Chapel is located in the Main Terminal.  To reach the Chapel you must first go through Airport Security on the upper (ticketing) level of the terminal.  Once through Security, head to the main Atrium (Food Court Area).  From there, take the set of stairs up to the 3rd floor (elevator access is also available).  At the top of the stairs, head to the hallway to the left (away from the USO) and the Airport Chapel will be the first room on the right.

Airport Main Terminal Map
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