Contact Us

To reach the chaplain present at the airport call 704-488-9699.

 To reach the Director or Assistant Director call or email:

Rev. Mr. George Szalony –  Director

Rev. Alice White – ,Assistant Director

Rev. Mr. David Reiser, Assistant Director


Some of the many ways we Help


  • Spiritual and/or emotional support to enable you to complete your trip or finish your day.
  • Companionship by staying with you until you board the plane or are ready to return to work.
  • Support in times of grief due to the death or pending death of a family member or friend.
  • Healing prayer for your personal burdens affecting your trip or work day.
  • Support for mature adults deplaning and needing to move to their next gate or needing help from curb-side to deplaning gate.
  • Offering travelers financial help for meals or other airport fees.
  • Friendship in a very busy, stressful environment.
  • A quiet, secure place to be with your God.
  • Prayer request.