Program Credo



Anchored by a belief in God and passion about their religious choices, each team member is open to the needs of everyone using, working or serving at Charlotte Douglas Airport.


We value the worth and dignity of all people and the core virtues of their faith tradition.


We seek to provide pastoral care and ministry with the same investment that we give to members of our own religious body.


We strive to enrich the lives of the entire airport community as we learn from one another’s racial, ethnic, cultural, and faith diversities.


We are committed to continue our pastoral and personal education.


When conducting public worship services that include persons from other religious beliefs, we will draw upon those beliefs, principles and practices we have in common.


It is our responsibility to establish professional and pastoral relationships and preserve appropriate boundaries to ensure the integrity of the relationships.


We respect people’s right to privacy and avoid disclosures of confidential information while informing them that threats or possible harmful actions may have to be reported to authorities.