Robert Wick’s To Present at Airport Chaplains Conference

September 2018, the Airport Chaplaincy Team at Charlotte Douglas Airport, Charlotte NC is sponsoring a conference focused on Airport Chaplaincy and Airport Chaplains. It is serving as the 51st annual conference of the IACAC and the 2018 annual meeting of the NACAC but you and everyone involved in your chaplaincy program is invited. You do not have to be a member of either group.

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On Wednesday, September 5, 2018 Dr. Robert Wicks will be presenting at the Airport Chaplain Conference on Caring for Caregivers.

View Video Robert Wick’s Caring for Cargivers

Caring for Caregivers | This is the Day
Dr. Robert Wicks talks about how people who care for others can also care for themselves.

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To reach the chaplain present at the airport call 704-488-9699.

 To reach the Director or Assistant Director call or email:

Rev. Mr. George Szalony –  Director

Rev. Alice White – ,Assistant Director

Rev. Mr. David Reiser, Assistant Director


Some of the many ways we Help


  • Spiritual and/or emotional support to enable you to complete your trip or finish your day.
  • Companionship by staying with you until you board the plane or are ready to return to work.
  • Support in times of grief due to the death or pending death of a family member or friend.
  • Healing prayer for your personal burdens affecting your trip or work day.
  • Support for mature adults deplaning and needing to move to their next gate or needing help from curb-side to deplaning gate.
  • Offering travelers financial help for meals or other airport fees.
  • Friendship in a very busy, stressful environment.
  • A quiet, secure place to be with your God.
  • Prayer request.

Chapel Service Times


Chapel Service Times

Sunday can be a particularly busy day at the airport — families coming home from vacations and business people getting a head start on their travel for the week.  That’s why those scheduled to travel on a Sunday may arrive at the airport even earlier than usual to get through Security.

If the change in routine forces you to miss attending your normal Sunday service, we invite you to attend one of three services we offer every Sunday:

Catholic Mass:                             8:30 a.m

Prayer and Worship Service:      9:30 a.m.

Catholic Mass:                            10:30 a.m.

(All services last approximately 30 minutes)

All Sunday Services are held in the Airport Auditorium.

Once through Security, proceed to the Main Terminal Atrium (Food Court) and take the stairs to the 3rd floor (elevator access available).  Head to the hallway to your left (away from the USO) and the entrance to the Auditorium will be the 2nd door on the right.





Visiting the Chapel

IMG_0027The Airport Chapel provides a space for quiet reflection away from the constant activity that is the norm for this very busy airport.  The Chapel is open every day from 5:00 a.m. to midnight.  Both travelers and those working at the airport – anyone in need of a few moments of calm are welcomed and encouraged to visit.

For deeper reflection and prayer, the Chapel offers holy books for Christians, Muslims and Jews. There is a kneeler, small altar, and one corner is filled with prayer rugs and a compass to direct Muslims toward Mecca.

Directions to the Airport Chapel:

The Airport Chapel is located in the Main Terminal.  To reach the Chapel you must first go through Airport Security on the upper (ticketing) level of the terminal.  Once through Security, head to the main Atrium (Food Court Area).  From there, take the set of stairs up to the 3rd floor (elevator access is also available).  At the top of the stairs, head to the hallway to the left (away from the USO) and the Airport Chapel will be the first room on the right.

Airport Main Terminal Map
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IMG_0927Please take a moment to sign the Guestbook so the organization is able to record the number of those visiting the Chapel each year.  Thank you!