About Us

The Airport Chaplaincy is an organization that, since 1988, has been dedicated to serving passenger, employee and air crew imitating the Good Samaritan.

About Us

Our Chaplains serve by being present in the airport to calm the disoriented, comfort the grieving, help the confused, listen to the disgruntled, provide financial help when needed, and make the process of air travel as positive as possible.

· The Airport Chapel is a place of quiet prayer in the confusion and chaos of daily life in the nation’s 5th busiest airport.

· Over 10,000 people visit the Chapel yearly.

· Our ministry is one of presence to all people.

· On a typical 4-hour shift, a Chaplain may speak with nearly 50 people…travelers as well as airport and airline employees.

· A Prayer and Scripture Service is offered each Sunday at 9:30 AM. · Catholic Masses are offered at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM each Sunday.

· Over 2,600 people attended one of the Sunday services last year.

· Our Chaplains serve as part of the Fallen Soldier program offering words of condolence and comfort when the fallen service member is met by family.

 USO, Charlotte is home to one of the busiest USO’s in the country. Visited each year by more than 80,000 service member, and families. The airport Chaplaincy program supports the goals of the USO and works closely with the 300 volunteers.








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We are a 501 (c) 3 organization so any donation you chose to make is tax deductible.  We do not receive any money from Charlotte Douglas Airport or the City of Charlotte.